Two tips for a fantastic city break with your children

If you're planning to go on a city break with your children, here are a few tips which should help to ensure that your holiday is as fun and stress-free as possible.

Choose your accommodation with care

Unless you're on a very tight budget, it is not advisable to opt for accommodation located on the outskirts of the city you will be visiting. There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly, staying in a hotel or holiday apartment that is located a substantial distance away from the city's main sights and attractions will force you and your children to spend a lot of time taking taxis or using public transport each day. This amount of daily travel may not be an issue for you and your partner but could leave your children feeling overtired and cranky, potentially to the point where they end up throwing temper tantrums.

Secondly, choosing accommodation which is not centrally located will mean that you won't be able to take your children back to the hotel or apartment for naps during the day. Whilst you may be perfectly happy to spend a full day exploring the city, your children (especially if they are toddlers or infants) will probably not be.

Choosing centrally-located city accommodation will ensure that you can easily walk to nearby attractions and will be able to pop back to your apartment or hotel whenever you need to.

Dine outdoors

Eating in restaurants with an infant or a toddler can be quite stressful; young children tend to be impatient, loud and usually have very short attention spans, all of which can lead to problems in dining establishments. You are probably quite familiar with incidents such as meals being knocked to the floor as well as the tantrums and general chaos that is involved with feeding a young child in public.

To prevent this issue from spoiling your break, it might be worth going for picnics in the city's local parks during the day (weather permitting, of course). This will spare you the stress of trying to keep your children calm and quiet, and will instead allow you to simply enjoy some quality time with them, in an open space where they can be as noisy and rambunctious as they want.

This is very easy to organise in a city, as there will be plenty of delis and supermarkets where you can pick up food, drink, plastic cutlery and plates. All you'll need to bring in your luggage is a picnic blanket as well as perhaps some park-friendly entertainment (such as a frisbee or a compact kite).

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If you're planning to go on a city break with your children, here are a few tips which should help to ensure that your holiday is as fun and stress-fr