Hen Do Party Bus Hire: 7 Things You Will Need to Bring Along

In the past, a hen do would have consisted of a few quiet drinks in a local bar or pub. However, 21st-century hen dos are much more ambitious affairs which you will need to prepare for properly. If the maid of honour has organised a party bus as part of the celebrations, you should make sure you have the following essentials with you.

First aid kit

A hen do can be a challenging if fun time. You should pack a small first aid kit in your handbag containing antiseptic cream, painkillers, plasters and some cushion pads for when your high heels begin to hurt.

Emergency cash

You never know when you will find yourself needing a bit of emergency cash. Perhaps a bar you visit won't take credit or debit card payments, or maybe you will lose your purse. You should keep your emergency cash in a secure place which is separate from the rest of your money. 

Flat shoes

While wearing high heels on a hen do helps you to look your best, it can also cause you a great deal of pain after a few hours of dancing. Packing some flat shoes or sandals in your bag can provide some welcome relief at the end of the night.

Spare tights

Discovering you have a ladder in your tights can really spoil your evening. You should pack a spare set of tights in your bag which will allow you to change out of any torn or laddered tights quickly.

Music playlist

You will want to make sure the hen do party bus has a great soundtrack, so you are ready to hit the dance floor when you arrive at a bar or club. The majority of party bus hire companies will allow you to play your own music using the bus's sound system.

Phone charger

On a hen do, you are likely to be taking photos and videos of the celebrations and updating social media a lot. All this activity will use a lot of power. You do not want to be left with a dead phone early in the evening so make sure you pack a phone charger. Most party buses will have a phone charging socket.

Party bus hire company contact details

Having the details of the party bus hire company to hand will help you to quickly get in touch with them if there are any issues with your party bus.

If you would like to book a party bus for your hen do, you should contact a party bus hire company today.

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